Adolph Hitler’s Dream

The Last Hope… Who, or what, is the Last Hope? Isn’t that clear already?

America… America is the “Last Hope” of the world, the last vestige of Liberty and Freedom on a planet that is being taken over by an organization of wealthy, LAST HOPE CUBE 2power-hungry individuals who have already taken over many of the undeveloped nations as well as developed countries, like Great Britain, Australia, Germany and more.

America is the last nation on Earth in which some semblance of of Liberty still exists. In virtually all over nations there is but an illusion of freedom, created by a decades-long propaganda/brainwashing campaign which has rendered many people on Earth nothing but mindless ‘bots’ who have come to believe that Socialism is good, that Socialism is some kind of answer for Mankind. It’s not.

Socialism has failed every time it’s been implemented. Socialism turns into Communism and Man loses everything they value of any importance: Liberty, freedom, families, opportunity and even God is taken from everyone. This  group of wealthy dictators is no different than any other. Power and wealth breed insanity…. always have, and these wealthy and powerful people – some know them as “The Bilderbergs” and they have manifested in the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. They are the proponents of the “New World Order” and are Hell-bent on creating a “One World Government” in which they are the self-appointed dictators.

America is the planet Earth’s Last Hope. It’s that simple.

PATRIOT ARMY CUBE 2More specifically, the freedom-loving Patriots of America are truly this planet’s Last Hope. If we don’t resist… and if we allow our Constitutional Republic to be taken from us all, what Adolph Hitler sought to achieve will become America’s – and this entire world’s – Reality.

Adolph Hitler’s dream of world domination will become this world’s Reality unless Americans stand up and refuse to be beaten down by the men who have:

  1. Taken control of the U.S. Government and many other nation’s governments
  2. Begun implementing their plan for a One World Government through a concerted plan called U.N. Agenda 21, coercion and the wholesale deception of the American people and the people across the globe; doing their best to make Adolph Hitler’s dreams come true

LAST HOPE CUBE NEW2aThese men – these Bilderbergs – the Rockefellers, Rothschildes, the Bush’s, the Clinton’s and more – are essentially “Adolph Hitler times ten”. There is only one solution, and the Patriots of America are the Earth’s ‘Last Hope’.

As long as we buy the U.S. Government propaganda that tries to make Socialism seem inevitable and desirable, we will fall like rocks into a Communist nightmare called a “One World Government”. World domination is a lunatic’s vision. Becoming World Ruler is a lunatic’s plan. The people who have taken over the U.S. Government by pretending to count ballots, but instead of counting ballots they are appointing faithful Socialist followers to government positions like Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States, etc. These are the lunatics to which we are referring.

A “One World Government” is a Communist Dictatorship, not a good thing.